Arena Accounting sp. z o.o. provides accounting and payroll services as well as accounting advisory services. Our professional services are tailored to the needs of our Clients.

Contact with a specialist:

Michał Musielak

Group Managing Partner

Licensed Tax Advisor

Implemented projects:

  • Tax Compliance

    Arena Accounting advisers provide the tax compliance service aiming to support you in calculation of monthly corporate tax advances, calculation of VAT and also preparation and  submitting of tax returns.

    Depending on your needs, the scope of works may cover both reviewing pre-prepared tax calculations for compliance with bookkeeping records and legal requirements and preparation of tax returns coupled with an in-depth review of data used to calculate the tax base. The tax compliance service is often combined with a tax review, including all factors affecting the determination of the amount of tax or selected areas of the Client’s operations.

  • Accounting services

    Arena Accounting offers a wide range of services including full scope accounting under local GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP.

    We use an accounting system that exceeds common standards in the region allowing us to provide Client specific chart of accounts, multi-lingual and multi-currency options, automated corporate income tax (CIT) and VAT calculations and statutory reports, integrated fixed assets and payroll modules as well as online access.

    We take a proactive approach by analysing rather than just processing information delivered to us in order to give you a professional advice.

    Our specialists know your industry specifics.

    We represent our Clients during statutory audits and tax audits.

    Our services include:

    • keeping of the accounts on behalf of and for the Clients, according to the provisions of current regulations in relation to that records,
    • keeping of VAT registers,
    • preparation of relevant tax returns required from the Clients as a taxpayer, based on data from registers maintained by Arena Accounting,
    • providing of aforementioned documents to the inland tax offices,
    • preparation of annual financial statements,
    • preparation of monthly reporting files for the financial control department of the Clients in accordance with the reporting deadlines,
    • supply of information about the Clients’ public liabilities in a way that allows settlement of the liabilities on time,
    • representation of the interest of the Clients before tax authorities and other authorities.
  • Accounting and financial advisory

    Our accounting and financial advisory covers:

    • Technical assistance in complex accounting issues and improving of information gathering process.
    • Implementing IFRS for published or forthcoming financial statements including advice on notes to financial statements and adequacy of documentation.
    • Assistance in implementation of accounting and tax settlements of financial instruments in the transaction and accounting systems. We have an in-depth knowledge and broad experience in recognizing and control of the financial and operating risks associated with these systems.
    • Preparation and implementation of provisioning policy according to standards accepted on the market and in accordance with statutory requirements, as well as income recognition for the portfolio(amortized cost)and preparation of accounting policies.
    • Providing comprehensive services of reporting for managerial purposes, in particular concerning portfolio analyses and income statement reporting.
    • Support in meeting legislative requirements of local and international standards of reporting and other regulations.
    • EMIR compliance services covering all steps of the complete reporting process to trade repository, tailored to Client’s needs and its internal processes – for more information visit:
  • HR & Payroll

    Payroll and personnel files services helps increase efficiency in payroll and HR area.  You can shift those function outside the company, our service will be fully compliant to legal requirements and best practices of the market.

    Our proposed solutions will cut down on costs, minimize your operating risk and free up more resources dedicated to the core business.


    • calculation of the monthly remuneration according to working hours records,
    • calculation of sick leaves and benefits the local social security institution,
    • settlements of the agents’s civil contracts,
    • preparation and delivery to Authorities of the applicable monthly declarations and reports regarding social security and personal income tax,
    • preparation of statements for employees confirming employment relationship and/or level of remuneration,
    • assistance and cooperation in respect to the inspections performed by Social Security, Labour or Tax Authorities.

    Personnel files:

    • creation, maintenance, updating and keeping confidential the personnel files database,
    • preparing and recording of employment contracts (agreements, annex) and civil law agreements,
    • registration and deregistration of Client employees and their entitled family members for social security purposes,
    • calculation and monitoring of the Client employees’ holiday entitlements,
    • informing the Client about the expiry date of the obligatory employees’ medical tests,
    • informing the Client about the necessity to renew local health and safety authority  rules and regulations regarding preventing fires training.