Arena Tax is a licensed tax advisory company.

We support Polish companies and international entities, among others, in the field of corporate income taxation as well as international taxation.

Our partners are entities from various sectors including financial institutions and new technology industry. Our experienced team of specialists delivers the most complex projects and assists in transactions for the most demanding customers. Our goal is to deliver tax advisory services which bring measurable added value for our Clients.

We are proactive – whenever we see a possibility of potential tax savings or recognize risk, we recommend further action and determine together what steps are to be taken. During preparation and implementation of the projects we put particular emphasis to professionalism of our services. Our goal is to provide our services with minimal involvement of our partner’s key resources (e.g. time) in the project. We want to enable you to take care of the business, while we handle taxes and finance questions.

Contact with a specialist:

Aneta Saramak

Aneta Saramak

Tax Managing Partner

Licensed Tax Advisor

Implemented projects:

  • Comprehensive implementation of tax solutions

    We manage the project in a comprehensive way: we determine the duration of the project, designate members of a team, who are the most experienced in a given service, determine the budget and essential external resources. Our experience as well as our approach based on the comprehensive implementation of our solutions allow us to deliver our concepts successfully. Tax settlements become safe, efficient and correct.

  • International activities

    In some cases it is necessary to work out a new tax structure or to amend an existing one. We have vast experience in the field of Polish and international taxation. We will provide you with safe, comprehensive and effective tax solutions which are tailored to the business model.

  • Activities within related enterprises

    We analyze the structure of your company in order to provide support on the common tax issues which groups of related enterprises may encounter, such as:
    – financing,
    – management of the tax aspects of the thin capitalization,
    – regulations regarding foreign controlled companies and other.

    In case of reorganization plans of the group of enterprises, Arena Tax will recommend how to properly manage tax risks resulting from the planned change. We specialize in both Polish and transboundary reorganizational projects.

  • Support during tax and fiscal inspections

    The team of lawyers, advocates and tax advisors of Arena Tax provides support during tax or fiscal inspections as well as during appeals before tax authorities and before administrative courts. We represent our business partners before tax authorities and the fiscal inspection at any stage and level of the auditing and tax proceedings and court-administrative proceedings.

  • E-commerce – online and mobile sales
  • Transaction system support (IT)

    We are well-experienced in supporting clients operating through IT based transactions systems, which include financial services providers, non-material service providers, brokerage houses, e-commerce companies (B2B and B2C) . We offer our clients, in partnership with our sister firm Arena Accounting, an audit and the set up of the IT systems in order not only to manage tax risk and improve processes, but also to identify savings.

  • Ongoing and ad-hoc tax advisory as a way to secure tax settlements

    A cure for complex and changing tax laws is an ad-hoc phone call to a licensed tax advisor who knows your business and responds on an ongoing basis to changes in tax laws. The tax advisors of Arena Tax provide support on the ground of corporate income tax, value-added tax and other taxes imposed under Polish law, as well as on tax ordinance, penal fiscal procedure and other topics which an enterpreneur may encounter. The services are provided in Polish, English and in other European languages.

  • Tax reviews, Due diligence

    We recommend to our partners a tax review in order to verify the correctness of their tax settlements, indicate any potential irregularities, identify areas of a potential tax risk and opportunities for improvement. The result of our tax review is a  presentation of the best method to manage irregularities and to propose measures designed to manage risk/opportunity.
    The tax reviews are also often an opportunity to achieve measurable tax savings, as a result of verification of the tax settlement policy, elimination of errors, and recommendations of more favorable arrangements.

    As part of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) we conduct due diligence reviews – both on behalf of sellers and on behalf of buyers.

  • Mergers and acquisitions transactions

    The Arena Tax team offers comprehensive advisory services for the following transactions:
    – support for investors in the process of purchasing companies within the framework of restructuring projects,
    – the purchase of an establishment or part of it/branch,
    – the sale of an enterprise or part of it/branch,
    – mergers and acquisitions of business entities,
    – divisions of economic entities.

    Our support covers the stages from negotiation through due diligence to closing. We work both when you take over an entity from the market as well as when you sell a part of your business.