HR & Payroll

Payroll and personnel files services helps increase efficiency in payroll and HR area.  You can shift those function outside the company, our service will be fully compliant to legal requirements and best practices of the market.

Our proposed solutions will cut down on costs, minimize your operating risk and free up more resources dedicated to the core business.


  • calculation of the monthly remuneration according to working hours records,
  • calculation of sick leaves and benefits the local social security institution,
  • settlements of the agents’s civil contracts,
  • preparation and delivery to Authorities of the applicable monthly declarations and reports regarding social security and personal income tax,
  • preparation of statements for employees confirming employment relationship and/or level of remuneration,
  • assistance and cooperation in respect to the inspections performed by Social Security, Labour or Tax Authorities.

Personnel files:

  • creation, maintenance, updating and keeping confidential the personnel files database,
  • preparing and recording of employment contracts (agreements, annex) and civil law agreements,
  • registration and deregistration of Client employees and their entitled family members for social security purposes,
  • calculation and monitoring of the Client employees’ holiday entitlements,
  • informing the Client about the expiry date of the obligatory employees’ medical tests,
  • informing the Client about the necessity to renew local health and safety authority  rules and regulations regarding preventing fires training.