Act of March 2, 2020 on specific solutions related to the prevention and counteracting of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them

The act passed on March 2 (the coronavirus Act) entered into force on March 8. Although it focuses mainly on the tasks and activities of public institutions (i.a. it indicates funding activities that may affect the inhibition of the spread of the virus and pandemics, and also regulates some competences of the prime minister, voivods and local governments), it also includes general provisions regarding, for example, the rules on the delegation of remote work, parental benefits in the event of closure of crèches and schools, and specific safety rules for the hotel, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and liability of carriers. What results from it, what is its impact and what could long-term effects be?

We invite you to download the study prepared by the Arena Advisory teams. Special Act on Covid19 – Arena Advisory

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