Joining the ranks of athletes supported by Arena Advisory Group is 43-year-old Riitta-Liisa „Ritu” Roponen – Finnish cross-country skier, Olympic medalist and seven-time world championship medalist. She is preparing for her sixth career Olympic Games, which will be held in February 2022 in Beijing.

We look forward to working with such a unique and determined athlete. At 43 years old, Riitta-Liisa Roponen is in the form of her life, racing and outrunning skiers twice younger. Ritu’s attitude is an inspiration to young and old alike – through hard work, perseverance and enjoyment of her great passion, Riitta-Liisa proves that persistence is the key. We believe that our support will also contribute to her further successes, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a medal at the Olympics in Beijing,

says Michał Musielak, Group Managing Partner Arena Advisory, himself a keen roller-skier.

Riitta-Liisa confirms her good disposition and excellent preparation for the competitions in the beginning of the season. In one of the first international individual competitions on snow, held in Lapland, she took 13th place. It is worth noting the average age of the competitors ahead of her – 26 years!

Riitta-Liisa specializes in relay races. The Arena Advisory Group believes that team cross-country skiing very accurately reflects the challenges we face as a company. For Arena Advisory, Riitta-Liisa is a symbol for every member of the Team who gives their 100% individually, but who together with her colleagues is more likely to achieve honors and overcome any obstacles encountered along the way.

Sport is not just about competitions, fierce rivalries and medals… Sport is about fair play, developing physical strength and character. The qualities most visible in athletes, such as fighting spirit, self-discipline and overcoming one’s weaknesses are invaluable in many aspects of life, especially in professional life. Ritu is a titan of work, an athlete with great talent and a heart for fighting. She started her sporting career more than 20 years ago and is still competing today, showing that age is just a number. Arena Advisory wants to bet on „young and dynamic team”, but also on people with experience, which other companies may sometimes underestimate

adds Michał Musielak.