The Polish Development Fund launches the PFR Financial Shield for Companies and Employees – a new aid programme within the framework of the Anti-Crisis Shield addressed to over 670 thousand Polish enterprises.

Due to its investment expertise and financial background, the PFR shall be able to efficiently and effectively provide entrepreneurs with financing on preferential terms, limit the effects of the slowdown on the Polish economy and contribute to the return of Polish companies to the development path.


PFR is supported by the National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski – NBP). The program consists of 3 basic elements: the Financial Shield for microenterprises worth PLN 25 billion, the Financial Shield for small and medium-sized enterprises which will receive PLN 50 billion, and the Financial Shield for large companies, also amounting to PLN 25 billion. The entities which will benefit from the program will receive non-returnable funds worth a total of PLN 60 billion.

We present a study prepared by Arena Tax team, describing selected issues related to the assistance available to entrepreneurs under the so-called Financial Shield as well as the financial instruments supporting entrepreneurs in the fight against the crisis caused by COVID-19.


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