Łukasz Kumkowski

Licensed Tax Advisor (No. 12798) and Attorney-at-Law (WA-15250) with 9 years of professional experience in tax advisory services.

Work experience & education

Łukasz deals with the automatic exchange of tax information (including in particular FATCA, CRS, MDR) and current tax advisory services. His professional experience includes advising on the day-to-day operations of financial institutions, particularly banks. He has also participated in due diligence processes concerning transactions involving not only financial institutions but also non-financial sector entities, in particular companies involved in obtaining energy from renewable sources.
Łukasz has worked for reputable tax advisory companies belonging to the so-called Big Four. He co-authored a commentary on the FATCA regulations (FATCA. Commentary, C.H. Beck Publishers, Warsaw 2017) and on the Act on Exchange of Tax Information with Other Countries (Act on Exchange of Information with Other Countries. Commentary, C.H.Beck Publishers, Warsaw 2021).
Graduate of law and Postgraduate Studies in Taxation and Tax Law at the University of Warsaw.


Polish, English