Arena is one of the fastest growing groups of consulting companies in Poland. We effectively complete even the most complex tax, legal and accounting issues. We understand local conditions and the nature of international settlements. We create flexible solutions for companies and corporations. We see the potential of the digital revolution and its impact on the development of the organization.

We started our business activity in 2012 by operating on the market of tax advisory services under the Arena Tax brand. With the expansion of tax activity and to meet the needs of our business partners, we started to develop new business lines. Currently, we provide services in the field of the following practices: tax consultancy, accounting, accounting and financial consultancy, legal consultancy and IT support. The interdisciplinary nature of services helps us comprehensively support entities operating in various sectors of the economy.
We support our clients comprehensively, from recommendations to implementation. We select our tools precisely and our teams of advisors include experts in various fields of tax, law and accounting. We build value for Your organization.
The quality that sets us apart from other advisors is our emphatic and direct approach. It allows us to fully understand the needs and essence of our clients’ business. We work for the development of Your business.
We focus on mutual respect and cooperation. We value people who are team players and thanks to that we are able to develop alongside our clients and co-workers as a stable and trusted partner for years to come. Understanding, development and effectiveness are our priorities.